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About RAIN Realty

RAIN Realty was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Texas. Nisha Shah is the licensed broker (Lic #: 9008977) with over 8 years experience in various capacities of the real estate business such as investing, money lending, residential & commercial construction, renovations, consulting, and brokerage. 

In today’s gig economy, the consumer (end customer) in extremely knowledgeable about market conditions and have free access to many tools on the internet to evaluate real estate opportunities. This has resulted in lower need for a real estate agent in hand holding the customer. Even with this low touch involvement, real estate agents seldom charge less than 6% commission. The customers do not have many option to bypass the agents as their role is necessitated by MLS. RAIN Realty is formed to reduce this commission and pass on the savings to customer while complying with the code of conduct on MLS.

Our Mission:

  • Permit buyers and sellers to save substantial amounts of money on real estate commissions.
  • Meet service level offered by a full-service agent (usually charge 6% commission)
  • Help consumers market their properties on MLS,, and hundreds of other websites that display MLS listings.
  • Make real estate services available on demand with “fee for service” model.

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